Bridj: Terrible Name But a Terrific Premise

Summer is officially here and if you live in an overpopulated city, you know that commuting can be a nightmare, especially during tourist season. And it’s during the busy times that we often hear commuter complaints about poor service, unkempt buses, hot and stuffy air quality, etc. Of course, one could hail a cab or use a service like Uber, a service that offers door to door service using a one-touch smartphone app. However, private chauffeur services can get costly for the masses and they aren’t exactly “green”.

So, is it possible to have a luxury ride for the masses and help the environment by getting more individual cars off the road too? Matt George thinks so and he has designed “the world’s first smart mass transportation system.” George started Bridj (Bridge?) and it’s redefining mass transit by offering comfortable luxurious rides that get you to your destination in less time than traditional public mass transit services. We didn’t mean to knock the name earlier here, but when we first saw it we thought it was another Scandinavian sensation. Ok, enough said – back to the concept. George is a 24-year-old (of course!) college grad with a degree in biology and his new venture recently won the audience vote for best innovation at the WebInno event in Boston last week.

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George’s concept is to analyze the pulse of the city – how it “moves” and according to their website “deploy dynamic transportation networks to match popular origin and destination pairings with direct service on luxury shuttles.” The smart part of this venture is the evaluation of 14million data points to see where most people live and work so they can target those areas. Then with the smartphone app, consumers connect and hop on a “bridj bus” to their destination in lieu of waiting for a mass transit bus.

Although the buses come equipped with wi-fi, a cleaner ride, and a guaranteed seat upon purchase, George is focusing his business model on “complex back-end analytical work.” He wants to use big data to adjust the commuting times of the individual and for the consumer to have a positive experience. The concept is being tested in Boston with trial routes in select neighborhoods. Check out their website and some of the resources we’ve compiled for you here.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention…or Possibly the Father

Bionic Pancreas

Imagine your child has diabetes and you have to monitor his insulin levels, making ongoing complex calculations constantly throughout the day and night. One mistake and he’ll be in the hospital or could even die. “The fear is that there’s going to be this little cold limb, and I screwed up. It’s all on me,” says Ed Damiano, whose son David was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at 11 months old.

Fortunately for David, Ed Damiano isn’t your typical dad. He’s a biomedical engineer who knew there had to be a solution. He created a “bionic pancreas” to help keep his son, now 15, alive.

Damiano and his colleague, Steven Russell, M.D. PhD presented the experimental gadget at the annual American Diabetes Association and the results were published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The results of the study demonstrated that Damiano and Russell’s artificial pancreas outperformed insulin pumps in both adults and youth who currently have T1D.

Want to read more about this ingenious solution? We’ve compiled a list of top resources:

1. National Institutes of Health – NIH grantees test device for people with type 1 diabetes to replace fingerstick tests, manual insulin injections

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6. Study results in the New England Journal of Medicine

7. Huffington Post – A ‘Bionic Pancreas’ for Diabetics, Coming Soon?”

That FIRST KICK: Fathers-To-Be Feel Their Unborn Baby’s Movement for the First Time.

We love to feature products that are simple, brilliant and solve a bigger more complex issue. However, from time to time, we also feature innovations that are “off the beaten path” and in this particular case, we just couldn’t ignore this cute belly belt that allows fathers-to-be the opportunity to feel their unborn baby kick for the first time – in actual LIVE time. Happy early Father’s Day for all you fathers-to-be!

Father-to-be experience their unborn child “kick” in live time.

The one of a kind device was specifically built for the Argentina division of Huggies® and was featured in a video launched by Oglivy & Mathers Argentina in the form of a digital greeting card for Father’s Day 2013. Once the digital card was posted online, it went viral in a matter of days. And, although Huggies has no plans to market the belt, the overwhelming positive response may get them to reconsider.

Hey, Huggies! If you need a distributor, we’re in! Give us a call at Cycle Technologies!

Ok — back to the way this thing works. LED lights on the belt worn by the dad create visual patterns to show where the movement is happening on a separate belt that is worn by the expectant mother. Small motor vibrators create strong impulses that let the father “feel” the kick of the baby in actual live time. The transmission takes place wirelessly.

The belt only took four months of development, and couples were invited to experience the gadget in a hospital in Argentina.

The belt doesn’t necessarily solve a global crises, but communication professionals would agree that it DOES solve a communication problem between the mother and father-to-be and that whole bonding with your baby problem. As you will see in this video, it’s super cool to see the dads experience the emotions of pregnancy in a totally different way. Who doesn’t love a teary-eyed guy bonding with his unborn baby for the first time?

Click play below and enjoy the ad.

We also included the original ad that was launched in Argentina June 2013 in Spanish. Its a bit longer and a bit more “emotional” but we think it was worth including so that you could get the full effect.

Its amazing to see how technology can better our lives with ingenuity and innovation. If you happen to run across an idea or invention that you think is worth sharing, feel free to contact us at