Behind the Label is a Designer with a Mission.

Since 1984, the Eileen Fisher clothing company has built its business with ethical partners who share the company’s core values. The company is an advocate for human rights issues, sustainability and empowering women. The brilliantly simple innovation here isn’t necessarily a tangible product but rather a concept – that a company can thrive and survive in an uncertain economic climate and still maintain its true core values, integrity and ethical business practices.

Eileen Fisher Inc. not only manufactures a notable portion of its business in the USA, but gloablly supports infrastructure that helps families and businesses operate in underdeveloped countries.  The company takes part in a number of initiatives including global initiatives that empower women and girls.


Delve into Fisher’s “Behind the Label” vision for the company where you can see first hand the culture and passion in producing with a purpose. Particularly noteworthy initiatives include their focus on making sure the goods they produce don’t infringe on human rights. Check out this great story on preventing human trafficking and slavery in the supply chain.

Invention: Eileen Fisher Inc.
Inventors: Eileen Fisher
Capability: Women’s clothing company that integrates a major socially conscious business model – staying true to core values, vision and principals. Established in 1984, the company produces “simple clothes that make getting dressed easy.”
Recent Successes: The Fisher brand continues to thrive in uncertain economic conditions. In 2005, Eileen sold her company to her 875 employees through an ESOP and remained Chief Creative Officer.


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