Could VetiGel Be “The Band-Aid of the Future?”

A gel that can stop bleeding in seconds? Suneris, a Brooklyn-based bio-tech company (yes you read that correctly) has a gel technology that uses “natural polymers” to form a clot over wounds. According to the company, the product known as VetiGel “stops bleeding more quickly than any other method currently available”.

VetiGel is still undergoing FDA approval and will initially be offered just to veterinarians. But eventually the company plans to have it “in every emergency room, soldier’s belt and operating room.”

Invention: VetiGel
Inventor: Joe Landolina
Capability: Plant-based polymer gel can stop traumatic bleeds in 20 seconds.
Recent Successes: It has been cleared for veterinary use and FDA approval is currently in process for use on humans. FDA approval projected within two years. Medical community touts the innovation as a significant invention with global impact that will save lives. Extensive media coverage.


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