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With the holidays behind us and a brand new 2015 year ahead, we just want to take a moment to say thank you to all those who have worked with us this past year. It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with thought leaders and social innovators who are committed to making a positive global impact and helping improve people’s lives.

Looking ahead we know it will take incredible effort to meet the challenges we face in women’s reproductive health.

Our prediction for 2015 is that it will be the year we all get smart. We’ll figure out that it’s not just how to capture large quantities of data, but how to use this information to improve lives. We’ll find ways to help people by being more efficient and smarter in our approaches.  We’ll better address complex problems, by identifying the core issues and addressing them with smart solutions.

In fact, we predict that getting smart will be the NEW THING.  It’ll be a revolution of sorts!

As the team and I plan for the next big idea, we continue to be excited about the innovations on the horizon for women’s health, and the ever evolving opportunities in this space.

I’d like to toast to making 2015 a very smart year for all of us!

Cheers & Warm Wishes,

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Leslie Heyer, Founder & President of Cycle Technologies

Leslie Heyer is Founder & President of Cycle Technologies, a social impact company that finds, develops, and creates brilliantly simple tools. To learn more, visit http://www.CycleTechnologies.com

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