Condom Embarrassment?



While researching my post on eco-friendly sex products for the CycleBeads blog, I recalled the term, “condom embarrassment.”  It’s an actual thing with research behind it.  It refers to people’s embarrassment around purchasing, using, disposing of, and storing condoms, with purchasing being the most embarrassing.  Unfortunately, it has been shown that condom embarrassment can cause people to use condoms less frequently.  This is not good, as it could put a person at risk for STIs and/or unintended pregnancy.  If relative anonymity is important to you, then ordering online is perhaps the most discrete.  However, what if you can’t wait for shipping time?  Then you may have to go into a store to buy them.

I decided to go incognito into the local Whole Foods to see what affect it would have on any condom embarrassment.  That’s me above in the photo! (lol)

If you’re shorter than 5’ 6”, you may not be able to purchase condoms at this Whole Foods!  Why are the condoms way up there?!



Whole Foods does not have a wide selection of condoms, but they do carry eco-friendly brands, so that’s great.



It turns out that no one paid any attention to me and what I was purchasing.  If the cashier noticed or thought anything, I don’t know.  The only embarrassment was the incognito look!  Next time I’ll go without the dark shades and be proud of my purchase.  :-D

Ann Mullen is Director of Health Education at Cycle Technologies

Ann Headshot - cropped



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