The Summer’s Brilliantly Simple Innovations

Photo by: Cycle Technologies

Photo credit: Cycle Technologies

Hello, Summer! We’ve selected a few brilliantly simple ideas we think you should know about:


Beautiful, comfortable shoes made out of discarded beverage containers? Yes please! The San Francisco-based Rothy’s Shoes has found a way to use some of the more than 2 million tons of water bottles discarded in U.S. landfills each year. Made from 100% recycled water bottles, these breathable, washable, and durable shoes are crafted by an innovative, patent-pending 3D knitting process. As of now, there are two styles and a few colors from which to choose.  Co-Founder, Roth Martin says the limited color-palette speaks to their emphasis on simplicity.  Send samples please!



Can a hospital gown be couture fashion? When top designers collaborate and leverage their creative talents, it can be. Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada and Ward + Robes are redefining the hospital gown to ease the sulkiness of staying in the hospital. Check out the video and see for yourself the impact this is having on these young lives. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you really understand your patients’ needs.



Cycle Technologies Features Work of Hayden Peek on The Brilliantly Simple Blog

Photo credit: Hayden Peek

Do you know what’s in your grocery basket? Reading labels gets tedious, but if we’re going to fix the obesity epidemic we need to find a way to make people more conscious of what they’re consuming. Hayden Peek, a British designer, has come up with with “a ridiculously simple way” to cut through the noise and educate us; a simple graphic that would print at the bottom of every supermarket receipt, with color-coded symbols for things such as calories, sugar, and saturated fat.  Color-coded symbols on your grocery receipts could alert you if there is too much sugar, fat, sodium…you get the idea. What do you think? Would this change your shopping habits? 


These “innovations at work” have the potential to address some of the most challenging problems we face today. Connect with us regularly and don’t forget to follow us on twitter, facebook, and email. If you have an innovation or idea that may help address a global problem, please contact us!

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