Stabilizing Spoon by Lift Labs Helps Those With Tremors Enjoy Mealtime.

For the average person, using a spoon or fork to enjoy a meal is often taken for granted. But for a person who has Parkinson Disease or Essential Tremor, the task can be daunting. A shaking hand makes it difficult to eat and many people have to rely on caretakers for help.

Inventor Anupam Pathak wanted to solve the problem using stabilizing technology. He and his team at Lift Labs developed a beautifully designed handle (with spoon and fork attachments) that counteracts hand tremors. In fact in a clinical trial, more than 70% of users’ tremors were eliminated making it easier for the person to move the spoon from the plate to mouth.

How it works: According to their website, sensors in the Liftware handle detect a person’s tremor, and the device responds using motors to move the spoon opposite the tremor. The battery-operated spoon can discern hand tremor motion from other types of motion, allowing it to respond to just the tremor while preserving the user’s intended motion.


Photo courtesy of LiftLab Design

This is changing lives people! Check out their website and video on the product and see for yourself.

Invention: Liftware Stabilizer (with Everyday Attachment | Spoon Attachment | Fork Attachment)
Inventor: Lift Labs
Capability: Cancels more than 70% of hand tremors
Recent Successes: The standard spoon, fork and deep soup spoon have been launched and are currently being sold to the public on the company website. Clinics are also using the invention to help caretakers cut time spent on feeding those who have hand tremors. The company is now in the process of designing additional attachments that appear to be top secret!

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