3 Green Companies That Do Sustainable Work

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This month, we’re featuring 3 green companies that do great sustainable work.


Cycle Technologies Features Conscious Period on The Brilliantly Simple Blog

Photo courtesy of Conscious Period

Here’s a company on a menstrual mission! Margo Lang always knew she wanted to start a business that had a social good component to it, and Annie Lascoe was concerned about the ingredients in commercial tampons. BOOM! The two combined their talents and passions into the creation of Conscious Period, the first organic tampon in the USA with a “dual giving” model to provide for women in need. Conscious Period wants women to obtain healthy, safe, and sustainable period products. According to their website, the average american woman uses 16,800 tampons in her lifetime. And manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients of their tampons. Unfortunately what’s really in your tampon is not something we’re privy to and according to Phillip Tierno, a microbiologist at NYU’s School of Medicine “a lot of dioxin”  is in your tampon. The EPA classifies dioxin as carcinogenic and although trace amounts are ok, if a woman is exposed to dioxin a lot over the course of her menstrual lifetime (let’s say 16,800 times) Tierno points out, “That’s a lot of dioxin absorbed directly through the vagina. It goes directly into the blood.” Organic is starting to look a LOT more appealing.

What’s more…when you purchase a box of Conscious Period tampons, you’re not only providing yourself with chemical-free sanitary products – you are also providing a box of healthy, environmentally friendly pads to a woman who is need of sanitary supplies. How cool is that?  It’s a one-to-one, buy & give, business model.

Check them out and take note of their huge success on Indiegogo. As of March 31st, the first batch of Conscious Period tampons were shipped to initial project backers. And they were also just mentioned in a Newsweek article on Menstruation – so they must be doing something right! We’re looking forward to our box!


Photo credit: Hungry Harvest

Photo credit: Hungry Harvest

Getting rejected because of minor imperfections just plain sucks. What’s even worse is the 6 BILLION pounds of produce that is rejected and thrown out each year – many because of those imperfections! Now imagine families in need who could benefit from these fruits and vegetables and couldn’t care less if their granny smith apple is the perfect shade of green. Drum roll please… meet Hungry Harvest, a Baltimore-based company who wants to sell you its ugly fruits and vegetables and feed hungry people in need at the same time.

With more than 500,000 pounds of produce recused since its inception, Hungry Harvest founder, Evan Lutz and his team redistributed 185,000 of that 500,000 pounds of produce that otherwise would have been wasted. The model is subscription-based and customers browse the Hungry Harvest website to buy organic, quality produce boxes that we once rejected for one reason or another. And for every box a customer purchases (free delivery included by the way), another produce box gets delivered to a hungry family in need.

Whoa! The company was featured on Shark Tank and many “sharks” found the concept fascinating and truly sustainable.  So do we!


Cycle Technologies CycleBeads App featured for Earth Day Sustainable Innovations

Photo credit: Cycle Technologies

We believe that the benefits of fertility awareness methods are massive! And one of these benefits is helping to protect our environment.

How? Two ways:

  1. By ensuring fewer toxins and less packaging waste enter the environment; and
  2. Reducing unplanned pregnancies.

Since 2002, Cycle Technologies has focused on creating simple, sustainable family planning innovations and products that help women plan pregnancy or prevent pregnancy NATURALLY.

And it makes many of these tools available for free so that women all over the world can use them

Scientists and environmentalists have debated the impact that hormonal contraception may have on our environment, but it’s clear that the packaging, plastics, syringes and other paraphernalia associated with birth control affects the environment too.  There are lots of stories trying to rate the various methods in terms of their green impact – here, here, and here.

But really the most important thing when it comes to family planning and the environment is that people are able to avoid unplanned pregnancies. Population and its impact on the environment is another tricky discussion among scientists.  But we know that when people have access to family planning options that they want to use, they are likely to have fewer children. And when people are able to plan their families, they can better take care of them. Today there are over 222 million women worldwide who are at risk for pregnancy, but don’t use contraception currently.  Why? The #1 reason women cite for not using contraception is side-effects and health concerns.

Cycle Technologies works to provide women with effective, easy to use fertility awareness options that meet their needs. 

These “innovations at work” have the potential to address some of the most challenging problems we face today. Connect with us regularly and don’t forget to follow us on twitter, facebook, and email. If you have an innovation or idea that may help address a global problem, please contact us!

Cycle Technologies is a socially minded, consumer and technology company that creates brilliantly simple global health solutions to help address complex needs. To learn more about us, visit www.CycleTechnologies.com

It’s Almost Here! Another Brilliantly Simple Health Innovation by Cycle Technologies Is Almost Here!



You may have heard that Cycle Technologies is up to something very cool, very innovative, and very smart. Our big reveal is only a few weeks away and we’re excited to share a new family planning innovation with everyone soon. THANK YOU to our beta testers who have given us great feedback. In the meantime, keep it hush hush until we are ready for the launch! Stay tuned and be in the know by following us on twitter @CycleTechGlobal, on facebook/CycleTechnologies or sign up to receive an alert when we officially launch at www.DOTtheApp.com

Womenomics: Why It’s a WIN for All.

Womenomics: Why It’s a WIN for All.
by Leslie Heyer, Founder Cycle Technologies

Decision makers are suddenly recognizing that investing in women should be a global priority. What’s driving this thinking? The appreciation that investing in women not only makes sense from a humanitarian perspective, it makes sense from an economic perspective. Womenomics – a term being used to describe this phenomenon, is suddenly very popular. Why is investing in women so impaWomenomic-A-Win-Win-for-All-by-Leslie-Heyer-Cycle-Technologiesctful?

For one very basic reason: WOMEN INVEST IN THEIR FAMILIES 

As Melinda Gates said in a recent TIME article, “When we invest in women, we invest in the people who invest in everyone else.”

But what does it mean to invest in women? There are a lot of issues to address – education, nutrition, healthcare, gender equality, employment, etc. They are all important. But at the very basic level, women must first have control of their bodies.

Family planning is key to improving the lives of women.

Investing in family planning enables a woman to have children when – and if – she wants them. It reduces family size, increases income, improves her health and the health of all of her children.  In short, having fewer children and having children only when she is ready, enables a woman to better take care of herself and her entire family. The infographic below highlights the benefits in investing in family planning.


Consider some of these interesting statistics:

  • For every $1 invested in family planning, reproductive and maternal health, society receives $130 benefit
  • According to The Copenhagen Consensus which did a cost-benefit analysis on global aid initiatives, investing in universal access to sexual and reproductive health could have benefits as high as 130 to 1.
  • For every percentage point of fertility reduction, per capita GDP growth will likely increase by .25%. (Source: DFID)
  • Women who have access to contraception typically make 40% more than women who do not (Source: PAI)

Imagine what a different world this would be if every single child had a mother (and better yet a father too) who could provide for them, care for them, and educate them.  Many of the issues we deal with today – poverty, crime, disease, violence, and pollution – could be greatly improved.

Cycle Technologies is a private company focused on addressing the needs of women around the world with effective, sustainable family planning options. We’ve zeroed in on the issue of preventing unplanned pregnancies because we believe that by reducing unplanned pregnancies, and helping women have children only when they are ready, we are giving women the ability to change the world.

Investing in women is the RIGHT thing to do; it improves the world not just for that woman, but for all of us.

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